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Chevrolet Z-28 Camaro SS

 Raymond M. Farrell

   A new body gave the 69' Camaro a longer and lower appearance, Available for the street but aimed squarely at the track was Camaro option group Z-28, Power was provided by a 302 cu, in,V-8 producing 350hp, 19,014 Z-28's were made in 1969, Original miles on this car are 66,964,Base cost price new $3,144
1967 Ford Mustang Coupe Tom Grice    Much of Mustang's appeal stemmed from the myriad of options that enabled customers to personalize the car. Careful use of the order form could produce a cute economy car, a thundering fast drag racer, a deceptively nimble sporty car or a small luxury liner. This hardtop coupe was by far the most popular body style with over 356,000 units produced.
1965 Ford Mustang Coupe Scoot & Janet NO INFORMATION
1970 Dodge Super Bee Stacy Hugar

  The Coronet Super Bee continued from 1969 as the high-performance ,intermediate-sized counterpart to the Dart Swinger 340's. Super Bee's were equipped with a 383 cu. in. Magnum V8, floor-mounted shifter, heavy-duty brakes, heavy-duty front shocks with sway bar. Base cost price new $3,074. 

1982 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe "Scoot" & Janet Grice   A new high-tech assembly plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky replaced the historic St. Louis assembly plant where corvette's had been built since 1954. This corvette is an  example of this new generation of cars with improved workmanship and quality. For the first time since 1955, all corvettes had an automatic transmission. Cost price new $18,290.
1978 Ford Pick-Up Lynn Grice NO INFORMATION

1950 Ford F1 Pick- Up "Scoot" & Janet Grice

This truck was bought in Clearfield in 1980. It's equipped with a flathead V8 engine and 3 speed manual transmission.

1965 Chevrolet 1/2 6CYL.. Grice Museum NO INFORMATION
1966 Ford Pick-Up Grice Community Museum A 6 CYL. STD. Transmission Estimated $15,000 Worth of Chrome On This Vehicle
1978 Ford F-150 4x4 Grice Community Museum  Scoot Grice and his friends spent hundreds of days in this truck hunting prairie dogs in South Dakota, over the past 20 years. The truck stayed in South Dakota until 2000.
1931 Ford Wooden Panel Delivery Truck Duwayne C. Guelich


1979 Dodge D'D100 Truck Scoot & Janet Grice Produced for only the 1978 and 1979 model years, these were part of Dodge's popular "Adult Toy" line. Conventional D100 Dodge pickups were dressed up with paint, striping, and chrome top attract a buying public. Power was supplied by a 318 cu. in. V8.
1914 Ford Huckster Vince Libreatori & Vicki Leitzinger These vehicles were used to haul farm produce to market. The Ford Chassis were sent to a plant in Gatlinburg, PA and were fitted with fitted with the wooden huckster body. The rear and side lights were oil fueled and the headlights were carbide. Needless to say, visibility was poor at night. Power is supplied  by a 4-cylinder 20 hp engine.
1958 Chevrolet Impala 2 Door Hardtop Scoot & Janet Grice The first year of the Impala nameplate graced the '58 line-up. This model is equipped with a 283 cu, in, V8 producing 230 hp.
1976 Cadillac Sedan Dev. Hardtop Grice Museum Donated by Robert E. Petey Gearhart Clearfield PA In Memory Of Elda Mae Gearhart
1948 Allard British Sports Car Grice Museum NO INFORMATION
1959 Ford Galaxie 500 Grice Community Museum

Near new with 18,000 miles interior is as new-original.

1986 Zimmer Golden Spirit Scoot & Janet Grice 

This car has only 4,900 miles on it and was bought in Medina, Ohio and driven back to Clearfield. The drive train is a Ford 302 cubic inch V8 on a Ford Mustang Frame. Only 1,200 were built between 1979 and 1988. It was built in the state of Florida. Cost price new around 85,000.

1972 Lincoln Mark-IV Scoot & Janet Grice This car was bought in clearfield area in the 1980's. Longer-lower-wider was a formula that had traditionally worked well for the new Mark-IV, newly introduced for 1972. Sales nearly doubled over those of the 1971 Mark-III's. Base cost price new $8,640.
1933 Chevrolet Mercury Series Coupe Leonard Martell This totally new series mid-year introduction for the thrifty minded purchaser---of which there were many in the depression years. For economy reasons, there was a louvered hood rather than the more expensive hood ports. Power was provided by a 6 cylinder engine with 26 hp. Base cost price new $475.
1953 Oldsmobile Super 88 Ron & Kris Strattan A major change from 6-volt to a 12-volt electrical system was new for the 53' modes. Results were faster and easier starts in all weather and additional operating power for all the new accessories the buying public was adding onto their cars. Power was supplied by a 165hp "rocket" V8. Cost price new $2,252.
1984 Cadillac Seville SDN Grice Museum


1958 Chevrolet Impala Convertible Scoot & Janet Grice This car was bought in South Carolina in 1979. Chevy's '58 bodies were all-new: shinier, more "important" and more Cadillac-like than ever. This was first year for Chevy's highly successful "Impala" series. Base cost price new $2,734.
1932 Studebaker Rockne Six Ron Strattan This was a Studebaker low-priced model. Named after Notre Dame's great football coach "Knute Rockne", it was built in South Bend, Indiana, (Also the home of Notre Dame) It was powered by a 66 hp 6 cylinder engine. Base cost price new $620.
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