Image Year Make Model Owner Information
1968 VW "Bug" 1500 Scoot Grice

A classic example of an after-market kit that was available to convert your "bug" into a 'POOR MAN'S ROLLS-ROYCE'. A 53hp horizontally opposed air cooled 4 cylinder engine supplied power.

1976 Mercury Grand Marquis Scoot & Janet Grice

Standard equipment consisted of deep, shag cut-pile carpeting, dual map-reading lamps, left-hand remote-control mirror, vinyl roof, and carpeted luggage compartment. Base cost price new $6,439.

1934 Chevrolet Coupe Master 6 CYL. Richard Mitchell


1975 Lincoln Mark IV Scoot & Janet Grice The '75 Mark IV was a virtual clone of last year's model. However, there was a new Landau vinyl roof option. A " frenched " rear window with a bright chrome band was reminiscent of the 55'-56' Ford Crown Victoria's.
1925 Ford T T 1 Ton R.D. Goss

Donated To Grice Community Museum 2003

1955 Ford Crown Victoria Scoot & Janet Grice

This was the first car of "Scoot" & Janet's collection. They bought it home across the United States. It's powered by a 292 cubic inch V8 with automatic transmission. Base cost price new $2,202.

1946 Chevrolet 2-Door Areo Sedan Grice Community Museum


1984 Pontiac Fiero 'Ferrari- Kit' Scoot Grice

A "Ferrari" look alike after-market kit was added to this base Pontiac Fiero. This was Detroit's first mid-engine,2 seat production car and after a government ordered recall to correct an engine fire malady, sales fell drastically and the last 'Fiero' rolled out of production with the 1988 model year.

1976 Cadillac Coupe Deville Grice Community Museum


1959 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible Scoot & Janet Grice

This car was bought in California in 1982. A body/chassis change for this model year brought more curvaceous styling marked by soaring tailfins of ridiculous proportions. This car is highly desirable with collectors with prices as high as $75,000. Base cost price new $5,455.

1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air Convertible Scoot & Janet Grice

This car was bought in Florida in 1978. Probably one of the most coveted collectible cars of the 50's era. GM's division designers, under the guidance of Harley Earl, were famous for the beltline dip and wraparound windshield features. This model is equipped with a 283 cubic inch V8 with auto transmission. Base cost price new $2,511.

1960 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible Tom Grice

The Corvette was initially created as economical sports car for young adults. Standard equipment for 1960 included tacometer, sun visors, dual exhausts, carpeting, outside mirror and electric clock. Production totaled just over 10,000 units and base cost price new was $3,872.

1956 Ford Crown Victoria Scoot & Janet Grice

This car was bought in Tennessee in 1977. Ford tried selling safety this year, equipping all models with a dished steering wheel, breakaway rearview mirror, and crash proof door locks. This car is equipped with a 312 cubic inch V8 with auto transmission.

198? Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Scoot & Janet Grice

This top-of-the-line Biarritz is an example of Cadillac's unique attempt to capture the glitz and glitter of the chrome era. Production was low with only 3,300 units produced at a cost price of $31,286.

1957 Cadillac Fleetwood Arlan Smith

This car is unrestored with only 25,700 miles on it. For 1957 Cadillac adopted a tubular X-frame, without side rails, on all models. This resulted in greater structural rigidity and provided for lower body lines. New front end styling was marked by rubber bumper guard tips and dual, circular parking lamps set into the lower bumper section. Base cost price new $4,781.

1988 Buick Reatta Bill Reed

2-Passinger Sport Coupe

1957 Ford  Thunderbird Scoot Grice

The 1957 model represented the first significant restyling since the T-Bird was first introduced. Riding and handling quality were greatly improved. Inside instrumentation was the same as the full sized Fords but an engine-turned insert dressed up the look of the dash. A 312 cubic inch V8 delivered 270 horsepower. Cost price new $3,408.

1977 Cadillac Eldorado Coupe  Scoot & Janet Grice

At 4,955 lbs there would never be a heftier Eldora do. A 425 cu. in. 195 hp V8 supplied the power to move this large automobile. Just over 47,000 units were produced priced at $11,187.

1956 Ford Thunderbird Scoot & Janet Grice

You don't mess with success in Detroit, and Ford didn't with the '56 T-Bird. Changes were limited to a larger 312 V8 option with more horsepower  and answering the cries for more trunk space Ford offered an exterior- mount spare. New portholes were available for the hardtops and heavily outsold non- porthole models. Base cost price new $ 3,151.

1955 Ford  Thunderbird Convertible Scoot & Janet Grice

Legend says the Thunderbird was born in October 1951 when Ford manager Lewis Crusoe visited the Paris Auto Show and fell in love with European sports car styling. It wasn't until 1955 that Ford debuted it's all new Thunderbird. At $2,944, it was an instant hit---16,155 were produced for the model year.

1970 Rover 2000 TC Ron Stratta

This car was dubbed the " Poor Man's Rotts- Royee" in England. A 121 cu.  in.  4-cylinder engine equipped with twin carburetors ( model TC ) provided power. Base cost price new $4,198.

1964 Cadillac Model 62 Sedan Jack Woolridge

Revisions were minor for '64 from the '63 models. Lower tailfins created an unbroken beltline, accentuating length. A new automatic heating/air conditioning system maintained a set temperature regardless of outside conditions. A 429 cu. in. engine supplied 340 hp.

1973 Mercury Cougar Convertible Scoot & Janet Grice

Derived from the Ford Mustang but riding a longer wheelbase, Mercury's Cougar was a deluxe version of Ford's highly successful "ponycar" . Though it never approached Mustang's sales, Cougar was a boost to Mercury. Base cost price new $3,726.